Design Your Stair
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Design Your Stair

The OzStair “Design you stair” page has been created with our customers in mind. It is aimed at assisting you in understanding the terminology used in the industry, the guidelines you must follow and most importantly the design you want for your staircase or balustrade, anywhere from a Federation Style stair to a more Contemporary design.

Whether you are building a brand new home or have decided to renovate an existing staircase or balustrade, OzStair has the expertise you need to take a step in the right direction.

A staircase can serve many purposes in your home, whether it be just accessing the different levels within, or presenting as a stunning focal point for the envy of your family and friends.

Our team are here to help you find what you are looking for and hope that after browsing through the design section of our website you will have more knowledge and a better understanding of each different component your staircase or balustrade could be created from.

Let the team at OzStair help you take the next step.

Table of Contents

The glossary contains a brief description of each standard component required during the construction of your staircase.

Construction Methods will provide detailed information regarding the various methods of constructing your staircase.

Standard Components is a gallery of all the components offered here at OzStair; please browse this section to view the available components.

The brochure contains a click-through gallery of our current brochure, everything in this section can be found in Standard Options.

Timber samples contain the most commonly used materials for stair construction with a brief description of the features of each timber.

Product Care Information provides our policy regarding the quality of our staircases, in this section, you will find details on how to care for your staircase

BCA Regulations will give a brief overview of the requirements which must be adhered to when designing and constructing a staircase.

Frequently Asked Questions is a compilation of common questions and their answers, check this section before sending an enquiry.