Why is my timber Laminated?

At OzStair, we are sometimes forced to use a laminated product in lieu of a solid board. This is due to the fact that the timber requested may not be available in the requested size. For example, a standard tread is 280x42mm. A supplier may be unable to find the specified 280×42 board in the required length but might have a large quantity of 110x42mm, they would then bind 3 of the 110x42mm using biscuit joins and special glues to ensure the strength and durability of the product. At Ozstair, you will never receive a product that has more than a 3 piece laminate to ensure strength and durability.

Do you have a showroom or display?

Yes we do, our showroom is located at Warehouse 8, 45 Davies Road, Padstow NSW 2211.

Do you only install interior staircases?

No, we can manufacture and install external stairs and balustrade as well.

Do you manufacture all types and designs of staircases?

Oz Stair can manufacture and install most types of staircase designs however we currently are unable to accommodate a spiral staircase.

Which type of timber do you most commonly used?

The most common staircase material used for staircases is one of four. Pine, MDF, Maple and Victorian Ash are the most cost effective and commonly used material for staircase construction.

What type of timber do you use for your stairs and balustrades? Can I choose the type of timber I want?

Yes you can, providing we can get the timber in the sizes we require for manufacture. Most timbers are available to match your timber flooring. A Sales Consultant can help you with your choice and advise the availability of the timber you would like to use.

Do you also build steel staircases?

Yes, Oz Stair can build staircases with Steel Stringers including the popular Mono Stringer.

Do you only build timber stairs?

No, Oz Stair also builds and installs Mild Steel Stringers & Balustrade, Stainless Steel Balustrade with Swaged Cables or Glass and much more. Please call Oz Stair for more information on the extensive range of stairs and balustrades we offer.

Is your design and quote service free of charge?

Yes – our first measure and quote is free of charge if you are within our service area and you are under no obligation to proceed with the job through our company.

Do you design staircases?

Yes, we can custom make staircases according to your requirements and design a staircase that best suits your needs. Staircases are often designed by an architect or drafts person and in this situation we are happy to work with that person to ensure you get the staircase you desire. If you have your own plans, we can assist in advising whether the staircase will fit and provide options to you in the event the design has to be changed due to size constraints.

What is your lead time for install?

Lead time for your staircase depends on many factors. Material availability, construction method of your stair & industry changers throughout the year all effect how long it takes to receive your staircase from order. A standard timber staircase on average takes no longer then 3-4 weeks from order. If your staircase design includes metal stringers and/or glass or cable balustrade, this may take longer than the standard lead time.

How much does a staircase cost?

This is a very common question and is very difficult to answer. The issue with providing a rough cost is that each and every staircase we supply is unique, and the value can increase or decrease substantially depending on the timber chosen. For an accurate price of your staircase we can come out to site free of charge and we can measure & quote, alternatively you can email your plans to our sales team and we will send you a quote.

What material should I make my stairs from?

Timber, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel make excellent structural components for stairs. Generally a timber is used as tread material for its acoustic value when walked on and often found to be more aesthetically pleasing than steel, however it all depends on personal taste. All the materials that Oz Stair use are of the highest grade so you can be assured no matter what material you choose, you will get an exceptional quality stair.

What is the most suitable timber to use for my staircase?

This depends on many factors. The most common answer is to match the species of timber flooring / Carpet that you are using on your down stairs floor. It is important to remember that the staircase is the bridge between your lower floor and upper floor and in most cases will be seen by your guests. If you give us a call we can discuss the benefits of different kinds of timber and recommend the most suitable for your needs.

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