East Hills

Bottom Half Staircase Specifications:

  • Closed Pine Riser Mitered to Cut Stringer
  • 80mm Spotted Gum Treads w/ Square Aris Nosing
  • 20mm over riser (End Grain detail)
  • Bullnose Details
  • 1/4 Landing

Top Half Staircase Specifications:

  • Open Riser
  • 80mm Spotted Gum Treads w/ Square Aris Nosing
  • 40mm Spotted Gum Cut Stringers
  • Stringers set in 100mm from end of tread
  • Spotted Gum Floor Capping

Balustrade Specifications:

  • 12mm Toughened Clear Glass
  • 25 x 20 Stainless Steel Channel
  • 38mm Stainless-Steel Patch Fittings
  • 50mm Round Stainless-Steel Handrail
  • Standard Stainless-Steel Brackets

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Note: Paint & Flooring By Others


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  • Vic Ash Cut Face Stringer
  • Pine (Paint Grade) Closed Wall Stringer
  • Blackbutt Treads w/ Pencil Round Nosing
  • 20mm over riser - End Grain Detail
  • Blackbutt Risers - Sanded End Grain
  • N1-Square Blackbutt Newel Posts
  • SS1-Plain Bar Stainless Steel Balusters
  • S2-Contemporary Blackbutt Handrail
  • Blackbutt Floor Capping & Well Trim

Please Note: This design required approval from governing building authorities as it does not meet NCC requirements.

Builder: Troy Pudsey Building Services
Postcode: 2042  State: NSW


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Timber Flooring Over Design! 

Staircase Specifications:

  • 25mm MDF Treads & Risers w/ Flooring Overlay 
  • No Nosing
  • MDF 3 Kite Winder Set
  • Pine Closed Face & Wall Stringer 
  • N1 Square Blackbutt Newel Post
  • SS1 Plain Bar Stainless Steel Balusters
  • S2 Contemporary Blackbutt Handrail
  • CL2 Blackbutt Stringer Capping
  • BP2 Blackbutt Floor Capping
  • WT1A Blackbutt Well Trim

Note: Timber Flooring, Staining & Paint By Others 

Postcode: 2233  State: NSW  



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