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The Wombarra is of an open rise mono-stringer construction made in Victorian Ash and consists of 285x42mm Laminated Treads. The Framed glass balustrade with square stainless steel posts and a 50x25mm Rail has a minimalist design that allows an unobstructed view of the sandstone feature wall.


This Open Rise staircase is supported by a 200×10 Mild steel Stringer. The American oak treads have been given a Lime wash finish to brighten the well and create a dusted white finish. The stringer’s provide the strength and support to hold the 12mm Toughened Frameless Glass balustrade using 50mm Stainless Steel Round D-Patch Fittings.


With Timber Mono-Stringers on the rise we decided it would be in our best interest to show you the stunning effect that this design can create. The beautifully hand-crafted timber stringer sets the standard for luxury and design, boasting minimal semi-frameless glass has helped draw the viewer’s attention to the main feature, the Mono-String.


This modern form of balustrade is known as ‘Stainless Steel Rods’ and is a great way of making a statement about yourself. By utitilizing clean crisp lines this staircase is provided the high-class style we envisioned at the beginning of the project.


Open Risers, Closed Stringer Construction. Stringer are of Mild Steel 250 x 10mm with 80mm NSW Spotted Gum Treads with fixings concealed. 12mm Frame less Glass Balustrade with 50 x 25mm Stainless Steel Handrail.


This modern open rise staircase is constructed using the Open Rise/Closed stringer construction method. Constructed using 280x42mm Select Grade Jarrah Stringers with 280x42mm Select Grade Jarrah Treads with 42mm Jarrah Nibs. With glass balustrading as popular as always it was no surprise to see the client opt for the Frameless glass.


This staircase is designed and constructed to match the contemporary open plan living design seen in many home renovations. This NSW Spotted Gum Staircase was constructed around the concealed glass fixings. This simple line becomes the focus of the staircase. The balustrades on this staircase were a major focus as we did not want to draw attention away from other design features.


The sleek metal stringer is well complimented with stainless steel swaged cables balustrade and frosted glass bottom riser. The design team at OzStair worked closely with the owner and their builder to include finishing touches such as lighting under the landing to illuminate the frosted glass riser, delivering the timber treads to be pre-finished before installation as well as ideas for care and maintenance of their new staircase.


This classic timber staircase is constructed using the closed riser, cut string construction method. This staircase utilizes Box newels to provide the classic styling the client requested aswell as the use of bends in the lower flight to promote a feeling of space.


This staircase was constructed in Blackbutt using the Closed rise/Closed string construction method.


This Staircase is Closed String in construction and provides a great example of the type of work you can expect to see when building with OzStair. This staircase was constructed using 280x32mm Pine Stringers with 280x32mm Treads and 190×19 Risers. The balustrade consists of N1 – Square 90mm Newel with 12mm SS1 – Plain Stainless Steel Balusters linked with an S1 Moulded Handrail.


When designing a staircase on a budget, it’s important to know that the two sections of a staircase that wear the most are the treads and handrail. All other components of the staircase once installed will get minimal contact from an owner. With this in mind the staircase was constructed using hardwood for both the tread and handrail components to ensure its long life in a busy home. All other components are installed using DG Pine. A cost effective softwood perfect for a paint finish.


This Laminated Victorian Ash Staircase was constructed around its Sawtooth stringer. The treads and stringers are 42mm thick and overhang the Face and edges by 20mm. The reason behind using a 42mm stringer to ensure strength within the staircase, the open rise design requires a bit more planning than your standard staircase to ensure that it will be self supporting.


This Staircase is a typical example of a Cut String staircase. With 32mm Blackbutt Treads and Risers this design allows for a continuous unimpeded view of the staircase from most angles. The simple 5mm shadowline adds another level of detail to this perfect example. By using frameless glass sidefixed to the stringer by 50mm Stainless Steel Spigots we have continued the design philosophy. Non-slip strips have been added for safety.


This Open Rise Metal Mono Stringer staircase incorporates a 150×100 Mild Steel stringer utilizes a folded ‘V-Plate’ which has been welded to the Stringer to provide a fixing point for the timber treads. By using a ‘V-Plate’ design we have eliminated the need for Nib’s on this flight.


This staircase is Open Riser, Cut Stringer in construction and was designed to suit the clients unique styling. Constructed using 280x42mm Select Grade Treads and stringers we have prevented bounce in the flight, avoiding most of the squeak’s and creaks.