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This Staircase was designed using the Open Riser, Monostringer construction method which consists of a 150×100 Mild Steel Stringer with a welded tread plate to support the 42mm Treads. The stringer has been finished in a grey powdercoat which blend’s well with the natural stone wall behind.


This staircase was constructed in Treated Pine and was designed with the intention of withstanding the elements for decades to come. Because this staircase was to be constructed in an open environment the construction needed to be sturdy and it needed to retain the styling shown throughout the garden/terrace.


This staircase was built using the Open Rise Closed Stringer construction method. Consisting of 280x42mm Select Grade Merbau treads with 280x42mm Select Grade Merbau Stringers. As this staircase was to be used in an external environment it was important prevent water building up on the surface of the treads, by constructing the flight using an open design this ensured that the moisture would not stagnate in one space for an extended period of time and cause damage to the timber structure.


This type of staircase is common in the industry and is considered a basic design. Although it may be classed as basic it is by no means unattractive. By utilizing dark rich tones the flight utilizes e


This cut string staircase was designed to incorporate both a Cut stringer and Closed stringer. This Glass balustrade is held using 50mm Round Stainless Steel posts with 50mm D-Patch Fittings with Capping to the void edge to ensure a stylish and firm fixing point for the stainless steel posts.


This staircase is of closed rise/ closed string construction with 280x32mm Solid Brushbox treads and 190x19mm risers. Painted Pine stringers have been utilized to match the painted skirting boards throughout the home. The balustrade consists of N1 Square 90mm Meranti Newel’s Capped with a 110x42mm Meranti handrail with 10mm Toughened glass fixed using 50mm Stainless Steel D-Patch fittings. The client wanted to maintain the timber styling through their home while creating the open feeling that only glass can provide.


The Above is a Closed/Cut String staircase that is simple and cost effective. The balustrade consists of an S2 – Contemporary handrail linked to N1 – Square posts with 12mm SS1 – Plain Stainless steel balusters. By allowing the wall-side of the staircase to be closed the client has achieved a unique finish for their home.


This staircase is constructed using Meranti and utilizes the Closed Rise Closed Stringer construction method.Consisting of 280x32mm Meranti Treads and 12mm Frosted Glass riser's fitted to the 280x32mm Meranti Stringer's.


This Closed Rise/Cut Stringer staircase is constructed out of Laminated 280x32mm Select Grade Spotted Gum Stringers with 190x19mm Spotted Gum Risers and Laminated 280x32mm Spotted Gum Treads.


This curved staircase was constructed using the closed rise closed stringer construction method. The client had requested a simple yet stunning design that would contain the 'wow' factor. After a quick design consultation the groundwork had been laid and the balustrade was decided on. By utilizing a feature baluster this staircase is provided that simple look we envisioned.


This curved staircase follows a simple design philosophy, the balustrade consist of meranti turned posts with SB1 Mild steel balusters as a contrast to the tiled floor below, a dark timber tread on the staircase was highlighted using painted risers and stringers. This painted riser creates a visual break between the lower floor and the first tread and gives the appearance of a floating tread design.


This sweeping curved staircase is of open rise/ cut string construction. Positioned near the entry of the home this staircase is made of Australian NSW spotted Gum with SB1 – Plain Mild Steel balustrading this elegant yet simple design is considered a feature of this home. The staircase is finished with a double bull-nose tread this create’s a welcoming entry to the flight and successfully links both levels of the home in style.


The staircase is of closed rise closed string construction and is self supporting from joists to the floor below creating the ability to walk underneath the staircase without any support to the floor.The balustrade consists of N2 Chamfered Newel’s capped with a Squishball linked by an S6 Oval handrail containing 12mm Mild steel balusters.


This staircase utilizes a grey ironbark treads and handrails with carpet lining the staircase on the lowest flight. The client required a staircase that would span the 3 levels within their home. After our client had initially stated his love of the timber scheme we got to thinking can we have the best of both worlds?


This staircase shows that a classic style staircase can come at an affordable price. This cut string staircase is constructed using 280x32mm Blackbutt Treads finished with a mitre return supported by 280x32mm Paint Grade Cut Stringers fitted with a basic fret.