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MATERIAL: Laminated VicAsh

When designing a staircase on a budget, it’s important to know that the two sections of a staircase that wear the most are the treads and handrail. All other components of the staircase once installed will get minimal contact from an owner. With this in mind the staircase was constructed using hardwood for both the tread and handrail components to ensure its long life in a busy home. All other components are installed using DG Pine. A cost effective softwood perfect for a paint finish.

The open look has been achieved using a Closed Stringer / Open Riser construction. The use of 42mm Laminated Victorian Ash Treads and painted stringers gave a clear contrast between the treads and stringers to emphasise the ‘Floating’ tread. Though the staircase is not all hardwood the floor and the tread match and link the two levels together.

The balustrade, keeping with the modern style has plain stainless steel balusters and a stained timber handrail. The stainless steel balusters match the contemporary fittings to doors and the kitchen linking the whole home together.

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